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About Ferntech Solutions

We’re Experts in Taking Your
Business To New Heights
Using AI and 4th Gen Technology

Ferntech is a Bangladesh based Tech company offering solutions by using technology as just a platform to mobilize the world around us. We offer products and solutions to enhance not just businesses but also assist in improving your daily activities.

At FernTech, we aim to take your vision to the next level. You think, we automate.

Building today for a better and smarter tomorrow.


How We Deliver Cutting Edge Solutions

Take a peek into how we deliver the latest in cutting-edge technology - implementing AGILE and SCRUM methodology!


Daily meetups with all stakeholders.


Strategizing and visualizing the workflow for the sprint.

Code & Test

Code an test the developed increment.

Release, feedback, and ⟳

Bringing the latest in cutting edge technology
to take your business in next level.

Our experts analyze your business needs and provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to reduce your workflow and generate unbelieveable ROI.


The Best Solutions
In Cutting Edge Technology

FernTech provides its clients with the latest in technology with go-to-market strategies that are ready and tested for implementation.

Artificial Intelligence

We make use of AI, machine learning and deep learning to build sustainable solutions for you.

Intelligent Automation

Our intelligent robots take over your monotonous workload so that you can focus your creativity where it matters.

Robotic Process Automation

We emphasize the person, not the process.

Industry 4.0 Consultancy

Ready to join the revolution before your competitors? Give us a call!

Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

Check out our case studies on recent projects that we took on!

Sarvodaya Hospitals adopted Artificially Intelligent Workforce (AIW).

Client:Sarvodaya Hospitals, India

Sarvodaya Hospital was facing challenges in processing large volumes of patient transactions and medical data while ensuring the accuracy of the process.

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Primordial Group, Bangladesh adopted Artificially Intelligent Workforce (AIW).

Client:Primordial Group, Bangladesh

Being one of the largest Textile manufacturers in Bangladesh, Primordial group has to process payrolls for its 20,000 employees.

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Account Opening and Verification Automation

AIW has done an excellent job on automating the Account opening and verification of one of the leading banks in Bangladesh.

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Patient Registration Automation

Patient registration process of a reputed hospital in Faridabad, Delhi has been automated using AIW. Their huge traffic

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Billing Automation

Billing automation was one of the biggest challenges AIW faced and also triumphed this year. AIW have provided

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Payment Reconciliation and Email Automation

Payment reconciliation is one of the most time consuming and error prone work in any industry. But AIW has provided

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Credit Disbursement Automation

AIW has managed to help the Credit team of one of the leading banks in Bangladesh by automating all the tasks

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Team Members

Our Core Team Members

Zahad Thakur


Sohaib Siddiqui

Managing Director

Delara Thakur

Chief Marketing Officer

Nibras Thakur

Chief Executive & Technology Officer


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