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Primordial group adopted Artificially Intelligent Workforce (AIW) to streamline their Payroll Processing.

Client Overview

Primordial Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh.

Process Type

Payroll Processing

Problem Faced

Due to large number of Employees Primordial group was facing challenges in processing payrolls.

Being one of the largest Textile manufacturers in Bangladesh, Primordial group has to process payrolls for its 20,000 employees. Payroll contains perhaps the greatest amount of administrative activity of any human resource process, with every pay cycle demanding accuracy, timeliness, and well-planned coordination across multiple organizational entities.

FernTech Solutions deployed the Artificially Intelligent Workforce (AIW) to streamline the very high volume task - Payroll Processing.

A number of activities that involved large volumes of repetitive work at Primordial group posed these common challenges:

  • Data entry and reconciliation took a long time and also encountered a high error rate.
  • Besides slow turnaround time, processes like payroll processing also faced problems in search and retrieval of information, tracking, and accuracy of documents.
  • There was a lot of unstructured data and information that had to be streamlined.
  • With unclear fields, formatting issues, and missing data, the accuracy of results was a big challenge.
  • It was also difficult to manage sudden spikes in frequency and volumes of data.
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